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Laboratory Health and Safety Guidelines

Laboratory Health and Safety Guidelines
1. When working in the laboratory, it is necessary for you to understand the possible hazards of every procedure and the necessary safety precautions to be taken.
2. Please ensure that there are at least two persons working in the same laboratory room at all times. Do not work alone in the laboratory.
3. Choose measuring/calibrating equipment which is suitable for your experiment. Please ensure that you understand the equipment’s functions and limitations thoroughly before using it. Please do not attempt to operate the equipment (e.g turn the knobs, push the buttons and etc.) if you do not understand how the equipment works.
4. Before connecting any circuit, please ensure suitable measuring/calibrating devices are connected to allow monitoring and adjustment from a safe distance.
5. Be mindful not to let the uninsulated surfaces of the measuring/calibrating equipment come into contact with conductor in order to prevent short circuits and ensuing hazards.
6. Every time after you finished connecting a circuit, check it again to ensure that you have everything connected correctly.  Lastly, have the instructor conduct a final check on the circuit connection before starting the experiment.  
7. Make good use of safety equipment such as goggles and gloves.  
8. Handling of toxic substances must be done in the fume hood.
9. Keep working area clean and tidy.
10. All chemicals must be properly labelled.
11. After handling chemicals, hands should be washed thoroughly, especially before eating or smoking. 
12. Make sure you are familiar with all the emergency response procedures and where the safety equipment (fire extinguisher, respirator and etc.) are located the lab space.