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Research Area
1. Opto-Electronics Engineering: Opto-electronic device design, opto-electronic measurement, semiconductor optics and applications, projection and imaging systems, optical storage techniques.
2. Intelligent Control Technologies: Aritificial intelligence, intelligent control and sensors, self-guidance technology, intelligent robots.
3. Precision Machining and Metrology: Precision machine tools and electronic packaging equipment, precision measurement and inspection, ultra precision machining.
4. Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, and Intelligent Manufacturing: Rapid prototyping machining, rapid mold design and fabrication, high speed cutting.
5. Micro/Nano Fabrication Techniques: Micro mechanisms, micro sensing and actuation, optical MEMS, bio-MEMS
Green Energy and LED Lighting Lab.
Associate Professor
Wang, Ching-Wu
The main research areas of the laboratory is organic / inorganic thermoelectric materials and modules, solar thermal transfer production engineering and solar energy, the piezo electric switch module production, development and application of sonic energy, organic and non-organic light-emitting element and display , LCD technology, a secondary soft batteries, nano and microelectronic engineering, and compound semiconductor engineering.
Nano-Optomechatronic Materials and Devices Lab.
Associate Professor
Ting, Chu-Chi
Synthesis of carbon nanomaterials, ZnO nanorods, visible and IR quantum dots, fluorescence nanomaterials, and their applications.
Solid-State Lighting and Laser Spectroscopy Lab.
Wang, HSiang-Chen
  • laboratory main researches focus on development and application of the solid-state lighting and display technologies, such as the development of novel optoelectronic materials, LED color lighting technology, LED lighting development, multi-spectral imaging technology, new light source evaluation techniques. Further application of laser spectroscopy has also been covered, such as optical measurement and real-time monitoring technology of femtosecond laser, additive manufacturing technologies of laser, four-wave mixing technique.