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First, the number of teachers and requirements

The teachers in the teaching and research are complementary, the teacher is responsible for the curriculum and its expertise, but also with their own research topics, so in the study of auxiliary teaching. In addition to research work in the laboratory, in addition to the study of the work, without affecting their class and general study of the case, depending on their thesis theme to help teachers to implement the research program or as the relevant course of teaching assistant, to experience, learn time management, The implementation of the actual program and the teaching of the course. Our teachers will encourage students to publish journal papers or attend seminars, teachers will also participate in seminars with students, in teaching and research on the maximum benefit. The current teachers are well-known domestic and foreign doctorate, many have worked in the international large-scale industry or participated in a number of well-known foreign research institutions a number of major programs, practical experience, teaching and research areas are also expanding.
        Each teacher guides an average of two to four graduate students per academic year. Teachers and recruiting new teachers, according to the National Chung Cheng University teachers and key points of the appointment of teachers and institutions of the appointment and promotion of the guidelines. The assessment of the teaching, research and services of teachers is based on the implementation of the Guidelines for the Implementation of the Teachers' Evaluation of the National Chung Cheng University.

Second, the teacher's expertise should cover the expertise required in its related fields

      In order to encourage communication with the industry, the Research and Development Branch has set up specialties for foreign professional and technical service and implementation of the project. At the same time, in order to effectively manage and apply the research results of their staff and staff, we encourage innovation and enhance the research standards. The wisdom of intellectual property rights approach and the implementation details, for the manufacturers of technology transfer, manufacturers to provide technical distribution of its distribution in accordance with the above principles. The Institute and the National Science Council, ITRI, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and civil society have co-operation cooperation, and since its inception, the average number of cooperative projects each year by the implementation of the firm, looking forward to have more cooperation opportunity.

Third, teachers continue to grow professional pipeline and encouragement measures

In addition to their own expertise in the field of expertise, but also stressed that cross-domain expertise to grow. Through continuous learning, access to new professional knowledge, for the introduction of new courses, for research projects, planning graduate students and their own research career, and industry-university cooperation have great help. The teachers are actively involved in the research work, each teacher at least a year to implement a research project, the relevant research results are also organized into papers published internationally renowned journals and domestic and foreign seminars, the teachers are also very positive research results into teaching Content, for example: image display technology process and implementation and nano-testing and process experiments course content is the integration of many teachers of research results. In addition to the National Science Council and the Ministry of Education to promote cross-cutting research and teaching work, the recent integration of some of the teachers set up a laser application research group to promote the application of cross-field long-term laser research teaching program.

Fourth, the graduate students to participate in the case of teacher research

Our teachers are very active in the research results into the teaching content, first consider the teaching objectives and students learning characteristics, and then select the appropriate research topics to assist students to learn, and finally the use of teaching strategies to integrate the three, so that students in the learning process Can take the initiative to learn, with the spirit of inquiry and the ability to solve the problem. In addition to assisting teachers in the efficient teaching of the three, there is a deeper meaning, that is, in the process of teaching students can take the initiative to learn the attitude of training to explore the spirit of the study and the ability to solve problems, and ultimately to life The goal of learning. Our graduate students are instructed to participate in the research program through teacher guidance. Sharing with students through the experience of professors: including through the guidance of the paper, academic seminars, group meetings (Group meeting), etc., and give timely advice and guidance to enable students to better access to the situation, while increasing the efficiency of learning.