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First, the Institute of regulations and systems
 (A) student practice regulations
 1. Master class does not group
 2. Course requirements:

(A) Students are required to complete 28 credits and pass the exam.
 (2) The master's degree has been instructed by the instructor and the director to elect the school, and the course offered by the Institute of Technology, as a research institute related to the profession. In addition to the Institute's courses other than the above-mentioned two colleges, if you have a course equivalent to the Institute, you will be required to be included in the 28 required credits for graduation. The
 (C) If the Master's program is chosen by the University, if the course is set up in the semester, the course will be prioritized.

3. Credit credits:

(1) The Master's program may apply for credit credits (including credit and exemption) to the office within one month of enrollment. If you are required to credit the course, you will need more than 80 points and a maximum of 6 credits.
 (2) The application should be accompanied by a syllabus, which can be proved as the relevant supporting documents of the Institute's course, the original of the transcript, and the consent letter of the instructor (without the exemption of the guidance professor), and after the consent of the course committee, Credit credits.

4. Professor of the paper:

(1) After graduating from the official report, the master's degree may be selected as a guideline professor in the firm's full-time and co-employed teacher. When the student visits the interview, he must fill in the "interview record form" A semester to select their paper instructor. After selecting the instructor, you must fill in the formal "instructor's consent letter". After signing the signature by the instructor, the student will be able to log in. After the signature, the instructor will take effect.
 (2) After selecting the instructor, he must change the instructor for some reason, subject to the consent of the original instructor, the new instructor and the director. After completing the application form, you must sign the original instruction instructor and sign it by the new instructor and submit it to the director for approval. Replace the instructor with a one-time principle. In case of dispute, the course committee will coordinate the ruling.
5. Master's degree thesis: students should be in the school notice time course on the academic system to apply for academic papers oral examination, the form of the Internet are printed on the unified list of oral examination (70 points), before graduation.

Second, the student learning counseling and evaluation
 (A) tutor system

1. The Institute has set up the Rules for the Tutor System of the National Institute of Optoelectronic Electrical and Electronic Engineering, National Chung Cheng University. The Graduate Tutor is instructed by the instructor.
2. To assist students to select the appropriate guidance and professors, as soon as possible to enter the laboratory to start the paper research, the Institute since the beginning of the 95 school year for the new symposium, 96 school year fixed in the examination students after 1 to 2 weeks "New Symposium" (time from April to May each year), the object contains the students who are enrolled in the exam and take the exam. The main contents of the discussion include the introduction of each teacher's research direction, laboratory visits and exchange of experience with seniors and students. Hoping to help them choose the right research direction and mentor. After the new formal enrollment, the first week of the lecture lectures also arranged by the director, the official introduction of the business, the teacher to all new students to understand and answer student-related questions.
3. The school is fixed in each semester in accordance with the proportion of the number of students to mention the tutor fee, the 90-94 school year by the teacher to guide the number of students, to the hourly fee way to each instructor, by the instructor to use their own students Counseling on. Since the second semester of the school year, the meeting has passed the meeting. The instructor fee is organized by the firm according to the allocation of the school. The first semester will be held in the first semester. The second semester will be held for the first time. Students discuss the common plan, and in the meeting to discuss the way the teacher and student to discuss the overall planning of the proposal.
4. Life counseling: the number of teachers counseling students an average of about 5 to 8 people, in addition to academic counseling, because students and long-term get along in the laboratory, will always be concerned about the students in life problems and difficulties, And the office administrative assistant will maintain close contact with the students. For the future career development, will also give students a lot of advice. All in all, the interaction between the graduate and the mentor is very frequent and quite good.
5. Career Counseling: The firm has a strong focus on co-operation with the industry. Apart from academic related professional community activities, students will be able to attend general employment counseling sessions such as employment fairs every year. Lectures, short courses, seminars and other activities will also be invited to a certain percentage of industry experts report and professional-related technology development and industry dynamics. At the same time, each semester will work with well-known enterprises to visit the activities, including: Lianhua Electronics, Chi Mei Electronics, large billion photoelectric, ASE ... and so on. Students can learn about corporate ecology through corporate visits, give priority to the company's history, and actually understand the working environment. We are also planning to hold a career lecture at the time of the lecture. After the survey of students' needs, the interviewing skills and how to write the resume are very enthusiastic. The students are expected to start their second semester at the beginning of the school year. Will cooperate, invited graduates to return to school lectures, to give schools in school valuable experience to share. Please refer to the following table for the project and time of our cooperation activities.
6. Laboratory meeting (Group meeting): the graduate students from the beginning of the semester to determine the end of the paper to guide the professor, into the laboratory for research and learning, so the laboratory students and their instructors or the entire experimental team to study the surface Discussion and research progress report.
7. Postgraduate thesis progress report: the beginning of the two students, graduate students need to be more specific questions for the degree thesis, but also need to study in the face of a more in-depth discussion, so the need to fix the progress of the paper to supervise their own time. Students are required to report on the progress of the study with the instructor in the direction of the report, discuss the progress and difficulties, confirm the direction of the study in the interaction or give other suggestions by the instructor.
8. Office hour: Our full-time teachers have Office hour, this time are welcome to the students to the office to interview with the teacher to discuss the issue is not limited to academic problems, including life problems encountered by the teacher and students face to face In-depth talk.

(B) the scholarship system

In order to encourage students to actively publish journals or conference papers, we hope that the outstanding students who graduate from the university will be enrolled in the Institute. Therefore, the "Key points of the Graduate School of Optoelectronics and Electrical Integration Engineering Research Institute" The situation is constantly reviewed and amended, the scholarship is divided into:
(1) Master Class Scholarship
(2) SCI journal scholarships
(3) Conference Paper Scholarship

(C) the President's Award for outstanding student development program
       In the first semester of each academic year (November), we apply to the school for the "Optoelectronics and Electrical Integration Engineering Research Institute President Award for Outstanding Student Development Program". The purpose is to encourage our principals' prizes and outstanding students to enhance their professional knowledge, Integration of professional quality of the talents.
 (D) graduation thesis
 Master's degree students in the first grade semester to determine the paper instructor, the relationship between the two very close, the paper instructors to urge students to carry out papers and academic research, and in accordance with the education objectives and core competencies given to students in the Training and research guidelines.
 In the first year of instruction, the instructor should first ask the students to prepare a study plan for the relevant subjects of the paper, examine and give suggestions, intensify the understanding of the theory and establish the research foundation, and gradually form the research topic. The second year is based on student interest to determine the topic of the paper, in the repeated research, in-depth discussion, continue to track the revised research direction. And encourage students to study more relevant SCI international journals academic papers, to develop automatic spontaneous, active learning habits. And guide the professor and the Institute are encouraged to submit academic journals, participate in conference papers published or participate in the implementation of competition, so that students enhance the academic capacity of the growth, broaden the field of vision, echo the education objectives of the Institute.
 After the completion of the student's thesis, we must pass an oral examination before graduation. In the oral examination, the committee may ask the student to modify the paper related questions and the incomplete thesis. The composition of the committee shall be recommended by the instructor and, after the consent of the director, by the school, the detailed process is set out in the "Institute of Optoelectronic and Electrical Engineering Research Institute graduate degree grant method". The application of the paper oral examination procedures and leave the school procedures are standardized for students to refer to, with the relevant procedures.
(5) employment situation
 Master's class After two years of master's training and career counseling, students will take the first service after graduation, including general service (including pre-official, prefect) and national defense (now research and development alternative service), after the completion of military service, students Will enter the industry work. Because of the interdisciplinary Institute of Emerging Engineering, the graduates have a wide range of ways, including optoelectronics industry, precision machinery, precision manufacturing, mechanical and electrical integration, micro-electromechanical and medical equipment. In addition to a number of research institutions such as ITRI, the Chinese Academy of Sciences to continue to study the work of the service opportunities are quite a lot.
Third, the Institute members
 (A) students
 At the beginning of the establishment of the Republic of China 90 years, the annual enrollment of 20 students, 91 school year increased to 22 students, including 10 test students and 12 test students. Since the 95 school year to apply for the Department of Science and Technology Department of Science and Technology Department of silicon guide talent cultivation program, increase enrollment to 27, each year to recruit seven test students and 20 test students.
 (2) teachers
 The Institute is a research institute integrating optoelectronic engineering, machinery, electrical machinery, information and physics and other interdisciplinary research. At present, there are four full-time teachers in the field of optoelectronics. In addition, there are eight employees in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Physics Teachers and a part-time teacher to support the teaching and research work. (Since the beginning of the school year, four full - time teachers, and the Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Physical Department of nine teachers.
 In the next two to three years, the firm will increase the number of full-time teachers in the field of optoelectronic engineering, will also be employed with the relevant teachers to enrich the Institute of the teaching and research content.
(C) administrative staff
 The Institute is an independent office, set up a long, comprehensive management of all the administrative affairs. Under the management of a business, including general affairs and accounting-related business, teacher appointment, etc., teaching research-related business, students and laboratory management-related business and general affairs.
 (4) teaching assistant
 Since the beginning of the school year, the implementation of the teaching assistant certification system, the Institute of each teaching assistant must be through the school TA certification, in the teaching assistant planning, in principle, the experimental class every 5 people assigned a teaching assistant, the general course of 15 people A teaching assistant who effectively supports teacher teaching.