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National Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering, Chung Cheng University, established in August 1990, is an independent research institute affiliated to the National Chung Cheng University Institute of Technology. Each year, 27 students are enrolled in the program, including 7 master's degree programs, 20 exams. The following description of the relevant part of the Institute, are the Institute or the Institute claiming.
         The entrance of the school has a master class examination, master class entrance examination and transfer of the three ways. The Institute has an admissions committee, each year for the annual graduation students to study the results of the assessment and assessment of the way. The student category of the Institute recruits the general students and students from the early stage. Later, as the actual situation review, after the amendment, the enrollment category was changed to only the general students. Students from the source of all the public, private institutions of electronics, electrical, optoelectronics, machinery, materials, physics ... ... and other graduate students.
        The number of enrollment, enrollment and enrollment scores for the enrollment, master examinations and entrance examinations will be available on the website - enrollment information.