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Educational goals and student core competencies
Educational goals 1.
3. T
4. T

Student core competencies 1-1 Have interdisciplinary specialized knowledge about analysis design and integration in Optical Electrical Engineering fields.
1-2 Have interdisciplinary technical skill and ability to implement Optical Electrical Engineering practice.
1-3 Have ability to write and present scientific papers.
2-1 Have information analysis skill, independent thinking, solving problems and innovation abilities.
2-2 Have self-learning, lifelong learning, benchmarking learning habits and abilities.
3-1 Understanding the importance of engineering ethics and social responsibility.
3-2 Have cooperation spirit and communication skill.
4-1 Have foreign language skill to absorb the new knowledge about Optical Electrical Engineering.
4-2 Have ability to know the trends of the worldwide Technology industry.
4-3 Have a broad global vision.
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