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Educational goal
  1. Educating students with scientific and technical knowledge in multidisciplinary
  2. Fostering creativity and innovation in opto-mechatronics engineering students
  3. Educating students with engineering ethics and responsibility for the society
  4. Enhancing student’s global and sustainability viewscore competence
Students are required to have:
  1. Knowledge of opto-mechatronics engineering in multidisciplinary.
  2. Skills in design and analysis of opto-mechatronics engineering system.
  3. Skills in English dissertation writing and presentation.
      2-1. Skills in information analysis, independent thinking, solving problems and innovation.
      2-2. Abilities in self-learning, lifetime learning and benchmarking
      3-1. Ethical principles and social responsibility
      3-2. Skills in cooperation and communication
      4-1. Excellent English for professional reading, speaking, listening and writing.
      4-2. Ability to know the trends of the opto-mechatronics engineering industry worldwide.
      4-3. Broad international perspective