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For the first time in the school year, the Institute participated in the Engineering Education Certification of the China Engineering Education Association and conducted a mid-term review report in the 99 academic year. The annual report on continuous improvement was continued and the Education Advisory Committee was held for educational goals and core competencies. Course Committee to discuss. We mainly use the quantitative data to examine the relationship between the core competency of the students and the corresponding educational goals, and serve as the basis for the continuous improvement of the teaching effectiveness and evaluation.
 The relevance of individual courses and core competencies in the paper writing and presentation ability, self-learning and engineering ethics and other aspects of the relationship is not high enough to continue each year to build the core competency of the course of quantitative data, and further for the The course is quantified and analyzed with SPSS 17.0 software. And the core competency of the part of the continuous correction, the same for the school students, fresh graduates, graduation alumni continue to establish tracking information, and in order to allow alumni to fill the convenience, but also with the online questionnaire to test, Keep in touch and get the latest information and keep improving.
Teachers, parents, graduating alumni, employers in turn to carry out the annual questionnaire survey, in accordance with this cycle step by step, continue to develop the core competence of the importance and effectiveness of the implementation of the review and improvement. After the implementation of a cycle, due to the teachers every year to participate in the discussion of the relevant educational goals and core competencies of the amendment, 103 school year will be adjusted to parents, graduating alumni, employers as the main test group, turn the annual implementation of the questionnaire Evaluation.
 The course committee designs the questionnaire and the core ability of the course. In conjunction with the implementation of the teaching opinion questionnaire, we will collect the students' opinions and confirm that the courses meet the educational goals and core competencies. The degree of association, and the results sent to the instructor to know, in order to continue to amend the syllabus to understand the actual situation of students to develop. In order to facilitate the presentation of the results, the five options for each question in the questionnaire are given a score of 5,4,3,2,1 in order to calculate the average score achieved by each core competency. According to the statistical results of the firm, we can see that the achievement of the objectives and core competencies of the courses has been substantially improved since the beginning of the school year.