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(A) Specification G.0 Describe all appropriate assessment methods for admission.
(B) Specification G.1 describes the educational objectives of the Institute and its tracking and results assessment methods.
(C) Norms G.2 shows that students and teachers interact closely, especially graduate students and their paper instructors in the research and writing on the
      writing is particularly close.
(D) Specification G.3 Description The course meets the requirements of the certification standard, and the students have:

1. Specific areas of expertise.
2. Ability to plan and implement thematic studies.
3. Ability to write professional papers.
4. Innovative thinking and ability to solve problems independently.
5. Ability to coordinate and integrate with people in different fields.
6. Good international view.
7. Leadership, management and planning capabilities.
8. Lifelong self-learning ability to grow.

(5) Specification G.4 describes the curriculum planning to meet the development needs of professional areas.
(6) Specification G.5 shows that teachers should pay attention to academic or practical research, publish relevant research results and participate in    
       academic activities at home and abroad.
 (7) Specification G.6 Describe the requirements of the equipment and space of the premises and shall meet the needs of the study.
 (8) Specification G.7 Describe the requirements of the administrative support and funds of the Institute.
 The above description of the Institute in line with the basic requirements of the Institute certification.