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First, the contents of administrative funds

The annual administrative expenses of the firm are allocated by the school to the general administrative (approximately 35%), the instrument equipment (about 25%), and the student scholarship (about 40%). In addition to the normal annual expenses, the management fee of the teacher's implementation of the plan is another administrative fee that can be used by the firm and can be used to purchase valuable equipment. The valuable equipment purchased by the teachers on the adoption of the meeting after the adoption of procurement.
Second, the administrative staff and teaching assistant planning

An executive assistant is responsible for all administrative offices, and the two administrative courses are responsible for the administration of the program. In the case of teaching assistant planning, about 30-35% As a teaching assistant fee. In accordance with the provisions of the scholarships, in principle, every five people in the experimental class allocated a teaching assistant, the total monthly salary of not more than 3,400 yuan; the general course of 15 people assigned an assistant, the total monthly salary of not more than 2,500 Yuan, are issued for 4 months. In addition to the teaching assistant, you will need to study the use of the online course platform and need to study the basic course of office software so that each teaching assistant can assist teachers in the course of administration and administration. Effective support for teachers teaching
Third, the equipment maintenance personnel to appoint staff

At this stage, although there is no permanent technicians to help maintain the equipment on the equipment, but in the experimental course by the Department of Physics support arrangements, the lack of permanent technicians did not cause the teaching of the difficulties. The teachers' research laboratories are instructed by the teachers to instruct the graduate students to be responsible for the maintenance of the laboratory equipment. In general, the maintenance work and the network management work are assisted by the administrative assistant, the laborers and the laborers.
Fourth, student scholarship plan

          In order to encourage students to participate in international academic seminars and papers published in the school students to participate in international academic exchange funding incentives, the other set the "Graduate Scholarship implementation points." In addition to the planning of grants assigned to the curriculum assistant, but also part of the scholarship, can be divided into the following two points: to encourage outstanding students to attend the master's master's degree scholarships, as well as SCI journal papers and international seminars papers published scholarships , The students show dazzling performance. This has a positive impact on improving the participation of our students in international academic exchanges and papers. This year's scholarships are held every year in the freshmen's handbook, regular new students' symposiums, lectures and lectures from the keynote speeches, and the excellent student forums. I hope that this will encourage students to actively publish international journals Papers or participate in international seminars.