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The purpose of the establishment of the Institute of Optoelectronic and Electrical Engineering is based on the development trend of the future integration of science and technology, combined with interdisciplinary research institutes such as optoelectronic engineering, machinery, electrical machinery, information and physics, focusing on the training of optoelectronics and micro- Meters optical mechanical and electrical technology and other cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary professionals.
The research and development of the focus of the study include: (1) photoelectric display technology, and (2) micro-nano optical electromechanical technology.

Photoelectric display technology
(PL), field emission light plane display (FED), flexible flat panel displays and other forward-looking display technologies. Organic and inorganic optoelectronic components: white OLED, solar cells, thermoelectric components and so on. Photoelectric components and system design: photoelectric color technology, backlight modules and components, 3D display technology. Laser application technology: laser in the optoelectronic components and process development. TFT process technology: inorganic / organic TFT process.
Microelectronics Optoelectronic Technology
Microelectronics optoelectronic components and systems: Health and optoelectronic components and systems, medical and electrical detection, micro-nano control and sensing and micro-nano detection. Nano photoelectric: photonic crystal, nano optoelectronic materials and components. Micro-nano processing and process: micro-nano-structure production and testing, optical lithography and soft lithography.