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National Chung Cheng University Institute of optoelectronic and electrical integration engineering master class rules

93.05.28 Optoelectronics and Electrical Engineering Institute of the eighth annual meeting of the amendment adopted

94.06.14 Optoelectronics and Electromechanical Institute of the fifth annual meeting of the amendment adopted

96.03.14 Optoelectronics and Electrical Engineering 96th annual eighth session of the meeting approved

101.09.13 Optoelectronics Institute 101 The first annual meeting was amended

The eleventh meeting of the Institute of Optoelectronics and Electrical Engineering was amended

104.06.25 Institute of optoelectronics 103 academic year sixth session of the meeting approved
106.06.12 Electromechanical Institute of the 105th annual meeting of the eighth session of the meeting approved

 The school regulations
1.The Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) master graduate students (hereinafter referred to as master's degree) in
    the study period should be at least covered with the professional research institute opened twenty-eight credits, before graduation.
2. The master of the students have been instructed by the professor and director agreed to elect the school, Institute of Technology Institute set up courses,        as a professional related to the Institute curriculum. In addition to the Institute's courses other than the above-mentioned two colleges, if you have a        
     course equivalent to the Institute, you will be required to be included in the 28 required credits for graduation. The
3.  If you have chosen this course for the course, if you have a similar course in the semester, you will take the course of your choice as a priority.
4. The Institute of Master's course details, such as Annex I.
5. The students are required before the end of the first semester, based on the "National Chung Cheng University graduate academic ethics education    
     implementation points" to attend academic research ethics courses, through the proof of the course by applying for a degree test, not through those who
     do not apply Degree test.


Credit credits
 1. The master of the students in the school within one month of the school to apply for credits to apply for credits to be required to score more than 80
      points, up to 6 credits.
 2. The course to be applied is required to be a professional institute course associated with the firm and shall not be included in the university credit.
 3. The application required to be attached to the syllabus, can prove that the Institute of the relevant documents, transcripts of the original, with the
      instructor agreed to the letter (not selected before the guidance professor), by the curriculum planning committee agreed, Credit credits.

Participate in the paper
1. The master of the students in the formal report, the study of interest, choose to enroll in the year of the teacher (including full and formal co-teachers) for
     its paper instructor.
2.  The selection of instructors, must fill in the formal "instructor agreed to the letter", the instructor signed the signature, the students threw back to the
      registration, after the signature by the director, the guidance of the relationship came into effect. The format of the "Guidance Letter" is as shown in
       Annex II.
      The deadline for submission of the guidance professor's consent letter is before the end of October of that year. If the applicant fails to pay the time
      limit, the office shall send the list to the Admissions and Student Affairs Committee.
3.  After the selection of guidance Professor for some reason must change the instructor, subject to the original guidance professor, the new instructor and
     the consent of the director. Replacement of the instructor application form, such as Annex III, after the completion of the original guidance must be
     signed by the professor, and then signed by the new instructor, submitted to the director for approval, the payment of the book for reference, can be
     established. Replace the instructor with a one-time principle.
     In case of dispute, the parties to the office to apply for a written application by the Institute of the meeting to coordinate the decision, the original      
     guidance of the meeting should be avoided.
4. The guidance of graduate students If the transaction, the graduation thesis and the title shall not be related to the original research content, and six
    months after the entry into force of the application. After the completion of the transaction, the results of the study of students need to apply for a degree     before the examination to inform the original guidance professor to confirm, if the original guide professor of its papers and research content has    
    objections, then ask the director or director of the agent (director for the original guidance professor) According to the circumstances of the incident,
    urged the school, the Department of internal and external experts, the composition of the Committee to carry out the project ruling.
 5. If the original guidance of the professor due to illness leave, due to leave or age retirement, and other factors can not be attributed to the students can    
    continue to guide the students may follow the original guidance of the professor or director of the proposal, with the consent of the teacher to fill
    Replacement of the instructor's consent form for the change of the guidance professor, but may not be subject to the provisions of the fourth paragraph of
    the restrictions, and not subject to the number of students taught by the upper limit.

 Stanford, Master 's degree thesis
1. The master's degree must be prepared in the two weeks before the oral examination of the relevant information to the Institute to apply for an oral
    examination. Please register and print the application form on the academic system. The application form should be submitted upon the consent of the
    instructor and the director.
2. Master's degree thesis oral examination, before graduation.
3. The paper can be written in English, but are required to have Chinese and English abstracts.

 The master of the master's life for at least two years, up to four years.

 Land and the provisions of the provisions of the matter, the Ministry of Education and the school issued by the "degree grant law" and "degree grant law implementation rules" and the relevant laws and regulations.

 The provisions of this provision after the adoption of the meeting, the amendment is also the same.