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Requirements of Master degree in Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics at National Chung Cheng University
Amended  and approved by the 8th Administrative Meeting of Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics in 92 academic year on 93.05.28
Amended  and approved by the 5th Administrative Meeting of Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics  in 93 academic year on 94.06.14
Amended  and approved by the 8th Administrative Meeting of Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics  in 96 academic year on 96.03.14
Amended  and approved by the 1th Administrative Meeting of Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics  in 101 academic year on 101.09.13
Amended  and approved by the 8th Administrative Meeting of Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics  in 101 academic year on 102.01.29
Amended  and approved by the 6th Administrative Meeting of Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics  in 103 academic year on 104.06.25
Amended  and approved by the 8th Administrative Meeting of Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics  in 105 academic year on 106.06.12
I. Course Requirements
1. The Master's Graduate Students (hereinafter referred to as “the master’s students”) of Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics (hereinafter referred to as “our Institute”)  must complete at least 28 credits in major related course  offered by the Institute during the study period, before graduation.
2. The master’s students of our Institute must have the agreements of advisor professor and Institute’s director  to select the course offered by College of Science, College of Engineering as major-related course .Except the courses of two colleges mentioned above, if students want to consider the course of another Institute as graduate course of our Institute, they will need to be approved by the Curriculum Committee to make those credits  include in the 28 graduate credits.
3.  Choosing the course from our Institute must be their first choice even when the master's students want to select a course from another college when our Institute offers a similar course for that semester.
4. More details of Master’s  Course Selection Regulations, such as Annex I
5. Based on the "National Chung Cheng University postgraduate academic ethics education  implementation points" , the students of our Institute are required to attend academic research ethics courses before the end of the first semester, and have to show their course certified (proof of passing course) to apply the degree examination, students who didn’t pass the course can’t apply to the degree examination.

Ⅱ.Credit exemption
 1. Master’s students of our Institute can apply to the Institute’s office for credit exemption within one month of enrolment, the score of the course you want to exempt must be more than 80 , maximum credits exemption up to 6.

 2. The course applied to exempt must be the major related course of our Institute, and can’t be included in the university credit.
 3. The application needs to attach the following documents: Course Syllabus,
Relevant documents which can prove that this courses is Institute’s course, Original transcripts, The Agreement Letter of your advisor professor (it is not needed for the students who haven’t chosen the advisor professor yet). With the approval of our Institute’s Curriculum Planning Committee, credit can be waived.

Ⅲ. Thesis advisor Professor 
1.  After finishing the registration process, the master students of our Institute are able to choose our Institute’s teachers (including full-time and adjunct teachers) as their thesis advisor professor according to their research interest.
2. After choosing their thesis advisor professors, students must fill the “advisor agreement letter” formal form, this form will be signed by their advisor professors and sent to our Institute to apply. After institute’s director sign this form, the relationship between students and their advisor professors will be set up. The format of the " advisor agreement letter” is shown in Annex II
The deadline for submission of advisor agreement letter is before the end of October of that year. If the applicants fail to submit within the time limit, Institute’s office will send the application list to the Admissions and Student Affairs Committee, and the Admissions and Student Affairs Committee will make final decision.
3.After choosing the advisor professor , If for some reasons student wants to change his/her advisor professor, he/she must get the approval from previous advisor professor, new advisor professor and Institute’s director. Advisor professor changing application form, such as Annex III, after the application form was filled, it must be signed by the previous advisor professor first, and then signed by the new advisor professor,  submitted to Institute’s director  for approval, sent to our institute for future reference, after that the application process will be considered to complete. In principle, student can only apply one time for changing his/her advisor professor .

In case of dispute, the applicant submits a written application to our Institute’s office, our Institute’s office will hold the coordination meeting to make  decision, and the previous advisor professor should avoid attending in this meeting .
4. If the advisor professor was changed, the graduation thesis and the title of the postgraduate student can’t be related to the original research content. Six months after changing the advisor professor, student will be able to apply for graduation. After the completion of  changing process, student must inform the previous advisor professor to confirm his/her research result before applying for a degree exam, if the previous advisor professor have any objection about his/her papers and research content, then ask the Institute’s director  or Institute’s director’s agent (if institute’s director is previous advisor professor), according to the circumstances of the incident, to invite internal and external experts of school, department composed of committees for project decision.
 5. If the previous advisor professor due to illness leave, for some reasons leave from work or retirement, and because of other factors which can not be attributed to the student, advisor professor can’t continue to guide student, student can follow the suggestion of previous advisor professor or Institute’s director, after getting agreement of the teacher whom he/she wants to change, student fills the letter of permission to change advisor professor, to  handle advisor professor changing process, this changing process will not be subjected to the restrictions of the above fourth term provisions, and not be subjected to upper limit of the number of students which advisor professor can guide.

Ⅳ. Master's Thesis
1. Two weeks before Master's Thesis Defense, student must prepare relevant informations to apply for Master's Thesis Defense to our Institute. Please register and print the application form on the academic system. The application form should be submitted upon the consent of the advisor professor and the Institute’s director.
2. The student who passes Master's Thesis Defense, will be able to graduate
3. The researchs paper can be written in English or Chinese, but are required to have Chinese and English abstracts.

Ⅴ. For the master’s students of our Institute, minimum year of study is 2 years, and maximum year of study is 4 years.

VI. The matters which aren’t mentioned in here, will be according to the provisions of “Degree Conferral Law” and “Enforcement Rules of Degree Conferral Law” issued by Ministry of Education and our school, and the relevant laws and regulations.

This regulation will be implemented  after the adoption of the meeting, and it’s the same with the amendment.
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