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Light Electrical and Mechanical Integration Engineering Research Institute
In order to implement our pre-warning system, we will enhance and enhance the effectiveness of students' learning through counseling, academic consultation and tutor counseling.
  After the end of each semester, the letter sent to ask you whether the teacher of the course of any warning students.
  The first semester inquires about May 15th
  The second semester inquires about 5 December
  Early warning indicators:
1, mid-term test results poor
2, the number of missed absences more than 50%
3, poor learning attitude / not active
4, other (please raise the reasons)
1, to understand the reasons, to counseling, ask the student academic instructor made an interview record (mentor can use the school teachers professional system counseling record or by the other design form), to encourage their serious study.
2, if the personal psychological factors or families facing major changes ... and other reasons, to refer to counseling center.