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 Points for the Implementation of the Graduate Student 's Scholarship in the Institute of Optoelectronic and Electrical Engineering of National Chung Cheng University

Revised on 28 December 1995 with the Committee on Finance and Space
On January 25, 1996, the meeting was amended
The meeting was amended on 8 October
1997 September 14, 1998 The meeting was amended
The meeting was amended on December 22, 1998
The meeting was amended on September 13, 101
On January 29, 2001, the meeting was amended
On September 24, 2003, the meeting was amended
In order to encourage outstanding students to study the master's class, we will formulate the "Key points" of the "National Chung Cheng University Graduate School of Optoelectronics and Electrical Integration Engineering Graduate Scholarship" (hereinafter referred to as "the main points").
 Article 2, the main points of the implementation of the object for the optical mechanical and electrical integration engineering institute (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) master class students, divided into two categories of scholarships and scholarships.
 Article 3, scholarships
       (A) Master Class Scholarship
                  1. Those who are enrolled in the first place of admission and the first three examinations are given the top three students, and the scholarship is awarded to the whole person.
                  2. New students, such as the same time to register Taiwan, Tsinghua University, National Chiao Tung University, Chengda, Zhongshan, Central, to give up the school admission qualifications and attend the Institute, issued to the scholarship of 20,000 yuan each This scholarship shall be submitted to the office by virtue of the admission notice.
       (2) SCI journal scholarships: SCI journals published during the course (students first author), journals ranked by the top of the field in the top 15%, each twenty thousand points; less than 15%, each one Million points. Each scholarship is awarded to only one.
        (3) Conference Papers Scholarships: Students will publish international conference papers and go to foreign countries to attend international conferences and oral speakers in English. Only one international conference can apply only once. Each scholarship is awarded to only one person. The
        (4) Application: The annual application period for the Graduate Scholarship is from the end of April of each year to the date of May 1 to the date of April 30 (the SCI journal is the date of acceptance of the paper. Whichever is published). Please submit your application form and related information to your office. Students who have applied for information must be signed by themselves and their instructors. If the verification is not true, the scholarship will be canceled and the bonus will be refunded.
        (5) Review: After the student submits a scholarship application to the office, the firm will hold the funds and space committee for review within one month, and the results will be published by the director. SCI Journals Papers and Conference Papers Scholarships The amount of bonus points equivalent to scholarships is subject to the discretion of the Association.
 Article 4, grants
        (A) Class A Grants (Assistant Grants) Object, Application and Placement:
                   1. To send students with better grades and who can actually assist in teaching and so on, the assistant assignments are as follows:
                            (1) The number of general courses offered by the Institute is more than 10 persons (including 10 persons), and one assistant is allocated, up to two.
                            (2) full-time teachers have two courses, two more than 15 people (including 15), the allocation of an assistant, but has applied the first person does not apply this item.
                            (3) Each of the more than 30 (including 30 persons) of the core course of the other department is assigned an assistant, up to two.
                            (4) the experimental course for each more than 5 (including 5), the allocation of a teaching assistant, up to two.
                    2. Application: Within two weeks after the end of each semester, the office informs the instructor of the number of instructors to be assigned, and after receiving the application, the applicant may request a Class A grant.
                    3. Issuance: The maximum monthly salary limit is $ 2,500 for those who support the general course. The maximum monthly salary limit is $ 3,400 for each month.
        (B) Class B Grants (Work-study Grant) Object, Application and Placement:
                    1. To assist in the arrangements for the cleaning, cleaning, finishing, and general tasks, the contents of the work according to the need for flexible adjustment. Collar class B grants to be completed in the month of the actual scheduled work, if the work is not good, to stop the graduate students to receive the grants.
                    2. Application: Students are required to apply separately. The applicant shall publish the work item and the possible treatment on a monthly basis, and the applicant shall apply to the student who meets the requirements of the preceding paragraph or if he or she does not receive a Class A grant.
 Article 5 of the students in the qualification
        (A) students who are enrolled in the school and have completed their registration before each semester.
        (2) Students who meet the rewards, who are not enrolled in the current year, are required to retain their admission, leave school and drop out, cancel their eligibility, and recover the bonus.
 Article 6, if there is a surplus or insufficient amount in the current year, it shall be decided by the funds and the planning and processing of the space planning committee.
 Article 7, the main points of the funding and the space committee after the amendment, after the adoption of the adoption of the meeting, the amendment is also the same.