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First, apply for exemption credits
      1. The Master's program will be offered to the office within one month of enrollment (at the end of September). The exemption course is limited to the required course (photoelectric engineering introduction and photoelectric engineering experiment). credit.
      2. Exemption from the number of credits, need to be added to other professional elective courses. (For example: 3 credits for opt-in optoelectronic engineering, a 3-credit course) to be included for graduation credits.
      3. The application should be accompanied by the outline of the course, the certificate of the Institute, the original copy of the transcript, and the letter of consent of the instructor (without the pre-selection of the guidance professor), after the consent of the curriculum planning committee, subject.
Second, apply for credits
      1. After the entry of the Master's program, please refer to the letter of credit specified in the school calendar, and pay attention to the announcement of the office of the message, within the prescribed time to the office to apply for credit credits. 18 credits or more for credits, up to 6 credits.
      2. The course of application must be related to the professional course of the firm and the course (or institute course) for the university and the university may not be included in the graduation credits of its university.
      3. At the time of application, The credit card system of the school is online and the "Application Form" will be printed out. The application form and the course (Please refer to the original university nursing school teaching group or the course group), the transcripts of the original and the instructor agreed to the letter (not selected before the guidance of the professor), the certificate is not included in the proof, After passing the examination by the course committee and submitting the consent of the Academic Affairs Office, you will be able to follow the credits.