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National Chung Cheng University Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics friends of the association of articles 
Article 1 The name of this Council is set「National Chung Cheng University Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronicsfriends of the association」(Hereinafter referred to as this council,National Chung Cheng University referred to as the school, Institute of Opto-              
                   Mechatronics called the Institute)  。
Article 2 The purpose of this council to cohesion of friendship,to assist all levels of friends in the academic and career development,research on the academic research,and promote the exchange of information and the development of the institute for the purpose
Article 3 The meeting site is located National Chung Cheng University Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics office
Article 4    The task of this Council is as follows:
( 一 ) Collect and sort out member information and report the status of our firm, establish a network of affiliates。
( 二 ) Provide employment information and opportunities。
( 三 ) Assist and supervise the teaching and research development of the Institute。
( 四 ) Host friends' meetings, academic presentations and other networking activities。
Article 5    Members of this council are divided into the following three categories:
( 一 ) Full member:where the school optoelectronics (including its predecessor, electrical and optical) students complete, the school,as well as teaching or have taught in the Institute of Opto-Mechatronics staff and staff colleagues,are members of this council ;after paying the membership fee, it is a full member。
( 二 ) Honorary member:all special contributions to the council are recommended and voted through by the council,shall be an honorary member of this council and shall enjoy the same rights as the full membership。
( 三 ) Sponsor members:where a person or group contributes a vote by a member of the council, the council may sponsor a member。honorary members enjoy the same rights as official member。
Article 6   Members of this council have the following rightss
( 一 ) Formulate and amend the charter。
( 二 ) Election and removal of directors and supervisors。
( 三 ) The meeting decided to implement the work policy。
( 四 ) Review the final accounts and work plans。
( 五 ) Participate in the interests of the activities organized by the association。
Article 7  Members of this council should have the following obligations
( 一 ) To abide by the constitution and resolution of the council。
( 二 ) Responsible for promoting the council's business, and the maintenance of the reputation of this council。
( 三 ) As the position assigned by this council。
( 四 ) Pay the membership fee。
Article 8 This Council is the highest authority of the general assembly;the board is the executive body,and in the meeting of members of the general assembly on behalf of its mandate;the board of supervisors is the supervisory authority。
Article 9 Membership of the general assembly as follows:
( 一 ) Formulate and amend the charter。
( 二 ) Election and removal of directors and supervisors。
( 三 ) The meeting decided to implement the work policy。
( 四 ) Review the final accounts and work plans。
Article 10 This council has seven members,three supervisors,by the general assembly on the official members of the vote for the election。
Article 11 The president and vice president of the association,by the director to choose each other。
Article 12 The directors, supervisors, presidents and vice presidents shall serve for two years;even re-election,the president the vice president will be reelected once。
Article 13 The authority of the council is as follows
 ( 一 ) Election and dismissal president, vice president。
 ( 二 ) Members of the general assembly during the recess, on behalf of their powers。
 ( 三 ) Have the right to convene an adhoc meeting。
 ( 四 ) To prepare annual work plans, reports and budgets。
 ( 五 ) Other matters to be implemented。
Article 14  The powers of the board of supervisors are as follows
 ( 一 ) Letter to the general assembly。
 ( 二 ) Supervise the resolutions of the executive council of the council。
 ( 三 ) Review the budget of the annual plan。
 ( 四 ) Audit the financial revenue and expenditure of this council。
 ( 五 ) Other matters related to supervision。
Article 15  The authority of the president is as follows
( 一 ) We will organize daily business meeting。
( 二 ) Representatives of this council。
Article 16  The duties of the vice president are as follows
( 一 ) Assist the president in the implementation of the meeting。
( 二 ) The president will act as president。
Article 17  Membership meetings are divided into two categories: regular and temporary meetings,Shall be convened by the chairman and shall be notified in writing before the 15th day。Regular meetings are held once a year for the celebration day of the school published in October。An                       interim meeting shall be convened by the council if it is deemed necessary or requested by a member of one or more of the members, or when the board of supervisors。
Article 18  Members can not attend the members of the general assembly, can be commissioned by other members of the agency,Each member is limited to a proxy。
Article 19  Members of the general assembly of the resolution, to attend a majority of members,the number of attendance more than half or more of the consent of the line。But the resolution of the left-hand matters with more than two-thirds of the attendance agreed to do so。
( 一 ) Articles of association and changes。
( 二 ) Member's name。
( 三 ) The directors and supervisors recall。
( 四 ) Property disposition。
( 五 ) The dissolution of the group。
Article 20  The board of supervisors shall be held once a year and shall be convened by the president,the summons shall be notified in writing before 7 day。If the chairman thinks it necessary and the manager of the board of supervisors agrees, or the requirements of the board of                     supervisors, the provisional board of supervisorss,the above meetings are presided over by the president, and if the president is unable to attend the meeting, the vice president presides over the meeting。
Article 21 The council shall have a membership of more than one-half of the attendance of the board of supervisors,attendance of more than half of the members agreed to be valid for the resolution。
Article 22 The source of funding for this Council is as follows
( 一 ) Perennial dues:formal members pay NT $ 200 per year。Accumulated to pay 10 annual perennial fees or a monthly payment of NT $ 3,000 for permanent members, free of perennial contributions。  
( 二 ) All kinds of donations and sponsorship。
( 三 ) By the council to take over the surplus of the plan and activities。
( 四 )Other legal income。
Article 23 The accounting year is from January 1 of each year to December 31 of the same year。
Article 24 The budget of this council is within one month of each member's meeting,sent to the board of supervisors after review,brought to the general assembly to suspend。
Article 25 The matters not stipulated in the articles of association are governed by the relevant laws and regulations。