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Chung Cheng University Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics the first session of the friends of the establishment of the General Assembly, was held on July 12, 1997 (Saturday) at 10 o'clock in the morning of the school machinery library 116 ladder classroom successfully ended。
The day by the director HE ZHENG RONG of the firm,visitors include the president of the school alumni president Wu Jia Xin、 supervisors JI MAO JIAO、director Chen Zha Hui、college of engineering dean Jiang Zhi Chao、
R & D office planning service group team leader Cui Xiao Qian..and so on。Our teachers and the school in the first and second year students, are also enthusiastic to participate in the day activities,
graduates friends and teachers, brothers and sisters interact hot, warm and touching scene。
The Institute since the Republic of China 90 years so far, there are about 100 graduates,this time in the school to actively promote and support the establishment of Friends Association,
by the agency Yang Min Gxun teacher as the friends of the work of the convenor,the assistant to assist the relevant administrative affairs, in a positive contact, the smooth birth of the association of friends。
On the day of the establishment of the General Assembly, Mr. Wu Rui Fang, president of the first session of the association, and Mr. Zheng Ming Hui (Vice-President of the School),
it is expected that the second meeting of members will be held at the next school day。
This hope that by the establishment of the friends of the friends, so that our graduates can keep in touch, the establishment of the internet,and further to each other to mention, in the workplace glowing fever,
for the alma mater and society to contribute their own power。