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National Chung Cheng University Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics tutor system rules
96.01.25Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics the meeting was amended
100.03.08Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics the meeting was amended
Article 1 National Chung Cheng University Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics(Hereinafter referred to as the Institute)to handle the teacher and student affairs,in accordance with「National Chung Cheng University tutorial system」Article 4 set out the rules of the tutor(Hereinafter referred to as the above rules)
Article 2 All the full-time teachers of the firm are both mentors,and according to the authority and the nature of the students to distinguish the following:
一、Director tutor, by the director concurrently。
二、Graduate tutor, by the Institute of full-time teachers concurrently。
Article 3 The graduate tutor of the firm is instructed by his instructor,the number of counselors is the same as that of the instructor。
Article 4 The duties of our supervisor are as follows:
一、The instructor should be responsible for coordinating the work of the tutor,regularly convene a tutor meeting to set up counseling。
二、Instructors should be fully aware of the individual students of the learning situation,and care for their lives, to help them solve the difficulties。
三、The instructor found that individual leads had difficulties in learning or life and could not be resolved,may be instructed by the teacher to coordinate with the firm or the school to help solve。
四、Tutor counseling period should be from the students into the guidance of graduation。
Article 5 The mentor should not talk with the guide from time to time,to fully grasp the individual guidance of learning conditions and the need for life counseling,and at any time to inform the abnormal director of the matter, and continue to track。The instructor should attend the two weeks before the end of each semester,to understand the effectiveness of the implementation of the tutor system, and elected next year mentor representatives。
Article 6 The distribution of tutor fees is made by coordination,based on the amount allocated to the school, the first semester is held in each school year,the second semester held the old activities。
The instructor fees are used for mentor and guide activities,according to the provisions of the Fund by the preparation of funds filled with 「guide students activities record form」, and retained for future reference,according to the accounting procedures to verify the verification for verification。
Article 7 The implementation of the rules by the adoption of the meeting after the implementation of the same amendment。