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    The campus is located in the central part of Chia-yi county, 15 kilometers from the city of Chia-yi, which is approximately 250 kilometers south of Taipei. The campus occupies an open land of 132 hectares on a hill with more than 200,000 trees of various species. On a campus tour, one cannot but be struck by the elegant buildings of different architectural styles being surrounded by tall trees, open green spaces, and winding roads flanked with flowering trees and bushes which bloom in different seasons. The campus itself is a beautiful park with serenity and openness. Viewed afar from the plains below, the University looks like a splendid palace on a hill.

    The Administration Building on the center of the campus takes the shape of a pyramid, yielding a strong sense of solidarity among the University members. In front of it is a wide brick road leading to the main gate of the campus. The bricks show that the road is mainly for walking and bicycling, a main route for students entering and leaving the campus. On the side of the building facing the direction of the main gate is a large green square where it is not uncommon to find visitors posing for pictures. On the opposite side one finds another brick walkway bordered by trees and green spaces. This walkway leads to the impressive brick piazza situated in front of the campus's main Auditorium.

    Facing the Auditorium is the Library and Information Building, an impressive towering landmark of the University. It has more than 500,000 books, 10,000 periodicals and more than 500,000 microfilms, microfiches and CD-ROMs. Its Computer Center supports academic research, computer assisted instruction, on-line registration services, video-conferences, long distance learning, and other multimedia services. The library's audio-visual center boasts the most updated high-tech AV equipment. In the main library, the sun-roofed inner court adds natural light to the reading areas. It is a great pleasure to study and research in this spacious and tranquil environment.

    The Gymnasium is one of the most splendid and expensive constructions in southern Taiwan. It has an Olympic-size indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, roller-skating rink, bowling alleys, indoor courts for basketball, volleyball, and badminton. In addition, it has rooms for Judo, calisthenics and weight-lifting as well as a fitness center.

    The Student Activity Center is situated by Tranquility Lake. The structure itself is very unique with different elevations in the interior. From these floors one can have a gorgeous view of the beautifully arched bridge crossing the Lake. The ground floor is spacious and bordered on one side by the Lake, on another by one of the various cafeterias in the center, and on another by a wide staircase. This area is often the stage for various student group performances and activities.

    The Lake is a favorite spot for visitors and members of the University community. On a sunny day one will find families and children strolling along its stone walkways. Soon-to-be married couples, in full wedding attire, are often seen posing for their wedding portraits. Swans, ducks, quails, turtles and fish of various species form their own community on the lake. They make this beautiful part of the campus an attractive holiday family retreat for neighboring towns and counties.

    The buildings for the seven Colleges are interspersed in a park-like campus, each with its unique architectural style symbolic of its purpose and individuality. They all house various resting areas, student run cafes and small courtyards. 

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