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Precision three-dimensional metering equipment, 3D optical scanning system, cutting dynamometer, sound signal detector, laser interferometer, precision optical measurement system, precision linear motor positioning table, mobile robot, computer vision system, industry With six-axis and five-axis robot, all-electronic injection molding machine, full feedback control plastic molding machine, rapid prototyping machine, contact scans, laser scanning machine, high-speed spindle integrated processing machine, motor control module, Vibration resonant analyzer, industrial control system, cycle measuring instrument, five-axis robot arm, sound leakage system, impact testing machine, linear motor, shock platform, XY platform, PC-based controller, garnet (Nd: YAG) (He-Ne) laser, semiconductor diode laser, titanium sapphire femtosecond (Ti; Sapphire) laser, helium-cadmium (He-Cd) , Bipolar mercury shield garnet laser, argon ion laser, box integrator (Box-car integrator), spectrometer, UV-vis spectrometer, precision shifter, precision rotating platform, CCD camera, coating machine, photomultiplier , OLED Plating systems, the OLED optical characteristics measuring system, the energy levels deep transient spectrum measurement system.