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Teaching Features

Educational goal
1. Training students to become Interdisciplinary Optical Electrical Engineering talents who are strong both in theory and practice.
2. Training students to become Optical Electrical Engineering talents who have active innovation and excellence pursuing spirit.
3. Training students to become Optical Electrical Engineering talents who have Engineering ethics.
4. Training students to become Optical Electrical Engineering talents
who have a global vision and can meet the social needs.

Student core competencies
1-1 Have interdisciplinary specialized knowledge about analysis design and integration in Optical Electrical Engineering fields.
1-2 Have interdisciplinary technical skill and ability to implement Optical Electrical Engineering practice.
1-3 Have ability to write and present scientific papers.
2-1 Have information analysis skill, independent thinking, solving problems and innovation abilities.
2-2 Have self-learning, lifelong learning, benchmarking learning habits and abilities.
3-1 Understanding the importance of engineering ethics and social responsibility.
3-2 Have cooperation spirit and communication skill.
4-1 Have foreign language skill to absorb the new knowledge about Optical Electrical Engineering.
4-2 Have ability to know the trends of the worldwide Technology industry.
4-3 Have a broad global vision.

Curriculum Planning
Advance Courses in the Institute’s Programme are organized intro two core areas: [Optoelectronic Display Technology] and [Micro and Nano Opto-Mechatronic Technology].  Other than that, fundamental Opto-Mechatronic courses are made compulsory to help students build a solid knowledge foundation in theories of Opto-Mechatronics. 
In 2013, the courses in the Institute’s Programme were reorganized into three main categories, namely Fundamental Opto-Mechatronics Courses, Core Electives and Professional Electives. This amendment to the Curriculum was promulgated and enforced upon approval of the Curriculum Committee and Academic Meeting of Graduate Institute of Opto-Mechatronics. Such amendment was done in the hope that student will be able to develop desired core abilities important for success in their studies and future careers.
Fundamental Opto-Mechatronics Courses (Compulsory)
1.    Book Discussions
2.    Introduction to Opto-Mechatronic Integration Engineering
3.    Opto-Electric Experiments
4.    Master Thesis
Core Electives(Choose 2 out of 4 Options
1.    Opto-Mechatronic Material Science
2.    Opto-Mechatronic System Design
3.    Photonics
4.    Semiconductor Opto-Electronic Physics and Devices I 
Professional Electives
Fabrication and Characterization of Nano Devices