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Educational goal
  1. Educating students with scientific and technical knowledge in multidisciplinary
  2. Fostering creativity and innovation in opto-mechatronics engineering students
  3. Educating students with engineering ethics and responsibility for the society
  4. Enhancing student’s global and sustainability viewscore competence
Students are required to have:
  1. Knowledge of opto-mechatronics engineering in multidisciplinary.
  2. Skills in design and analysis of opto-mechatronics engineering system.
  3. Skills in English dissertation writing and presentation.
      2-1. Skills in information analysis, independent thinking, solving problems and innovation.
      2-2. Abilities in self-learning, lifetime learning and benchmarking
      3-1. Ethical principles and social responsibility
      3-2. Skills in cooperation and communication
      4-1. Excellent English for professional reading, speaking, listening and writing.
      4-2. Ability to know the trends of the opto-mechatronics engineering industry worldwide.
      4-3. Broad international perspective

Planning of the course
  The course is based on the "Optoelectronic Display Technology Course" and the "Micro-Optoelectronics Technology Course" as the two major spindles, and the basic course of the "Optoelectronic Engineering Basic Course" The basis of optoelectronic courses.

Beginning in the course of the 102 academic year, the course will be considered by the course committee. The course will be divided into basic courses for optoelectromechanical basic courses, core compulsory courses, professional elective courses, re-curriculum maps, so that students can have the basic core competencies to To achieve the educational goals of the Institute.

  Light Electromechanical Foundation compulsory course

Compulsory: Book and discussion, optical electromechanical integration project introduction, photoelectric engineering experiment, master thesis.

Core Elective Course (Four Candidates)

Elective: optoelectronic materials, optical system design, optoelectronics, optoelectronic components physical (a)

Professional elective courses

Featured experiment course: photoelectric engineering experiment